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Welcome to 3ideo

Breakthrough in intelligent robotics and in line metrology

3ideo has developed an innovative technology that allows a variety of applications such as bin picking, robot guidance, adaptive machining or 100% in line inspection.
Many installations are running worldwide 24/7. 3ideo technology has been adopted by the main actors in the robotics and automation market.

Industrial Application: Caterpillar

3ideo is at the heart of a bin picking application with a standard Fanuc robot.
Track links are automatically loaded on the line with an accuracy of 0.4mm.

Domestic Application: FreshBins

3ideo is used to locate and identify different wheelie bin models: 80, 120, 140, 220, 360 liters.
Domestic bins are automatically loaded by a ABB robot in the truck for a cleaning service.

Your activity

3D machine vision
General mechanical
Foundry and stamping
Medical / Biomechanics
Robot system integrators
Special machines

3ideo products portfolio

Pick3D Make your robot intelligent for bin-picking tasks
Handling3D Make your material handling tasks accurate
Guidance3D Make your (pre)-machining tasks accurate by adapting its motion
Identification3D Make your process flexible
InGauge3D Make your 3D quality control systematic

Technology platform

3D vision is now simplified by combining automatically 3D cloud of points with CAD model. 3ideo products offer a robust 3D part localization solution in tough industrial conditions.
"Anyone can benefit from vision system on the plant floor. Now, anyone can benefit from real-time CAD data processing directly on the plant floor." More Info