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Pick3D: Make your robot intelligent

Pick3D is the standard solution for industrial bin picking tasks of parts in pallets. Pick3D solution handles a wide variety of applications: from simple to complex geometric models with collision avoidance between the gripper and the bin.

Industrial bin picking application handles parts larger than those handled by a feeder bowl system.

A typical bin picking project starts by the design of gripper and the definition of the different pick points.A robotic simulation will check the reachability of the robot inside the bin and check potential mechanical deadlocks.

Before, bin picking was an elusive application in robotics...

Safe, reliable, proven, flexible, versatile and rapid: these are all the qualities that you expect from industrial bin picking.

Bin picking is a 3D complex problem. The following constraints should be kept in mind:
parts are stacked randomly in a pallet
parts can be nested within each other
parts are overlapped each others
parts have to be grasped by one or more pre-defined gripping points
parts have to picked without any collision

Now, bin picking is a reality...

3ideo has developed an innovative technology that will enable industrial bin picking. The above tasks are computed in real-time:
selection of the best part to pick after accurate localization (6 d.o.f.)
collision-free motion of the gripper among others parts and bin

Simple geometric model

Complex geometric models