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Handling3D: Make your handling tasks accurate

Handling3D is the standardized solution for handling tasks.

Specification Table - Handling3D

Part configuration
Part geometrySimple or complex
Part teachingNone: 3D numerical processing instead
Part identification6 degrees of freedom
Controller OSWindows 32-bit and 64-bit
Linux 32-bit and 64-bit
CAD formatSTEP file
CAD file sizeNo limit on 64-bit platform
Robustness to noiseUp to 25% of point cloud
Positioning approximationNone
Overlapping detection> 1 mm2
Maximum overlappingup to 75% of the part
Gripping configurationUp to 32 configurations per model
Collision detectionGripper to other part
Gripper to bin
Gripper to environment
Collision motion detectionGripper linear approach motion
Gripper linear gripping motion
Memory usage< 100 MB for a 2000-surfaces part
Model Loading time< 0.2 s
Processing cycle time< 0.5 s
regardless the part geometry
Visualization cycle time< 0.2 s
asynchronous: the robot has already received info
Robot and sensor communicationOpen architecture
Machine type6-axes industrial robot, scara robot, 5-axes NC, linear axis…
Sensor typeScanning sensor
Sensor configurationMounted to the machine or fixed
FOVApplication specific
Controller PCStandard PC: 2 GHz or better CPU