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Identification3D: Make your process flexible

Features Table - Identification3D

Part configuration
Part geometrySimple or complex
Part teachingNone: 3D numerical processing instead
Part position and orientationDepends of the FOV sensor
Controller OSWindows 32-bit and 64-bit
CAD formatSTEP file
CAD file sizeNo limit on 64-bit platform
CAD database sizeNo limit on 64-bit platform
proprietary CAD Database technology
# CAD modelsUp to 512 models
Robustness to noiseUp to 25% of point cloud
Positioning approximationNone
Memory footprint< 250 MB for a 100 models CAD database
Model Loading timeTransparent
Processing cycle time< 0.5 s
regardless the part geometry
Visualization cycle time< 0.2 s
asynchronous: the line has already received info
Machine and sensor communicationOpen architecture
Machine typeOpen
Sensor type3D sensor
FOVApplication specific
Controller PCStandard PC: 2 GHz or better CPU